How much does music cost for my project?

Pricing for music is a whole beast of its own. And while it can seem quite nebulous and un-defined and even “secret” sometimes, there are several factors that go into pricing for music. 

When we talk about a new project, I will always ask for this information:

  • What brand?
  • What is the creative? Example, is it the annual manifesto campaign, holiday, a few Instagram videos, etc. and approximate number of pieces
  • Territory: WHERE (worldwide, US only, LATAM)
  • Term: HOW LONG (1 year, 6 months, 3 months)
  • Media: TV, Internet, Cinema, Industrial Use
  • Allotted Budget: If you have already set aside a budget for music, this will give us a great jumping off point.. 

If you have not already allotted a budget, we’ll discuss ways to arrive at that number. Typically we look at factors like the production budget, the usage rights needs listed above, and the general market pricing for different types of music. 

I highly suggest giving me a call BEFORE sharing any budget numbers with your clients, as music can cost literally anywhere between $25 USD and $2.5 million. 

A conversation with me about what possibilities there are for your project is free and at no obligation. 


How quickly can you get it done?

    • Brand Sound Discovery – 2 to 4 weeks. This is going to depend on the scope of work that we outline, based on what’s needed for the brand. The best thing would be to have a conversation with Parvin Music to determine timeline. 
    • Music Licensing – Delivering the first round of song options – 72 hours. Make sure you leave plenty of time for additional rounds of options; often the first round is a great first “temperature check” to get us all on the same page but we don’t nail the song until round 2 or 3 or 4.
    • Song Usage Rights Negotiation – If it’s a song signed by a major record label and publishers, I suggest leaving at least 2 full business weeks for negotiation. Sometimes it can get done very quickly, but we need to make sure every single person who has a portion of control over the song is aligned with the deal and often there is a good bit of back and forth to get to the best number for you. For independent artists, 1 week should suffice.
    • Original Music Composition – 1 to 2 weeks for the first draft; 2 to 4 weeks from the first briefing to the final piece. Factors that affect these timings include if the artist will need to write lyrics, how long the piece of music is, how many people need to approve and give feedback on the brand/agency side, how specific the initial brief is, and how many different artists we decide to have working on the piece. 
    • Re-Create a Famous Song – Allott 4 to 5 weeks for this. It will really depend on the song we use and what we want to create, creatively. Every song has different rights holders, thus we need to set timings based on the particular project. 


When do I call you?

Great question! The absolute best time is as soon as you start talking about creating a new piece of content / launching a new project. There’s no harm in having a first conversation for you to get clear on EVERYTHING that is possible and things to consider re: music. A discovery call is always free with PM

If you want a much more detailed answer, keep reading.

The people that make financial/contracting decisions and those that make creative decisions are typically not the same people. And music straddles both hemispheres! Thus having music conversations with the right people at the right times is crucial in making sure that ALL possibilities for music are available to you. 


  • Make sure the budget you have allotted truly reflects what music costs based on what you want to do creatively, BEFORE you get full alignment from the whole team on budget.


Who on my team should I have talk to you?


Hey, you’ve got all sorts of great questions today!